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2023 Andalucia


Linda likes to connect all the trips we did and there were still some loose ends in the south of Spain. Just after Christmas, we drove to Salamanca to celebrate the Nuevo Año and on January 2, we continued to Granada where we  left our car on the airport parking and switched to our bikes. It was the intention to cycle a loop of about 1500 kms, connecting 3 previous trips which we did over the years.

While we achieved our goal to connect the 3 routes, we were not able to finish the complete loop as we had to stop early in Seville due to an emergency situation at home.

Every downside creates an upside, so we look at this as a new opportunity to add another challenge when returning one day to Seville. Options enough, the Via de la Plata from Seville to Santiago de Compostela, The Ruta Iberia from Seville to Lisbon, followed by the Camino Portugues to Santiago.

From Santiago, there are then again a wide variety of possibilities for cycling back home.


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First stop in Spain : Burgos

Burgos is most famous for it's stunning cathedral, constructed in Gothic style. It's also one of the larger cities on the route of the Camino de Santiago Frances and as such well known for all who walked or cycled the Camino starting in the more northern countries.


Nuevo Año in Salamanca

We drove by Salamanca some 10 years ago when we were still travelling by motorbike. It was around 3pm and we stopped for an inexpensive lunch on a terrace of one of the restaurants at the Plaza Mayor. It was always on our minds that this was a city to visit again and when we planned our trip to Andalucia, Salamanca seemed the perfect place for staying a couple of days.

Salamanca's historical centre is known for its impressive sandstone buildings and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  The university of Salamanca is attracting a lot of Erasmus students and it seems that if you want to learn Spanish, Salamanca seems to be the place where the most correct and purest Spanish is spoken.

Most people know that one of the local specialities of Spain are Churros. They are part of the local breakfast and snack culture and are usually dipped in coffee or a thick chocolate drink. 


Linda found this place via a blogpage and we have to admit that the Churros Con Chocolate were delicious.

Valor is a spanisch brand of chocolate and you'll find this coffeeshop at the Plaza del Mercado in Salamanca


Granada, start of the cycle trip

In 2018, we cycled from home to Granada, so this was the right place to start our tour in Andalucia.

The most photographed spot in Granada is certainly the Alhambra, seen from the Mirador de San Nicolas.

As we have been in Granada before, we now only took 1 day for strolling around and enjoying the sights.

Also in January, the city is crowded with tourists. The only difference that this time of the year, it's mainly Spanish tourists.

By now, we were also used not to have lunch before 2 PM and not to have dinner before 8 PM.

We were ready to start cycling.