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Cafe Corner

Have a quick lunch at Cafe Corner, Grenaa

Grenaa is a town at the east coast with a seaport and ferryservice to Sweden. On the cycle track when entering the city, there is a little Bistro serving delicious spinach bubble wafels, organic juices and nice coffee. Inside, there is a small shop with curiosities. When we were there, the owner was the one and only doing it all.

Hobjerg Gartneri

Buy fresh fruits at the Hobjerb Gartneri

Just after Grenaa, you are passing a fresh fruit farm where you can buy fruits coming directly from the farm. They have the best strawberries you can think of and some unusual fresh juices to try. The farm has a cafe and It seems that in the Danish summer season, thecae and shop is very popular amongst the locals and tourists

Royal Barber Crown

A haircut and beard trim at The Royal Barber Crown, Aarhus

The best haircut and beard trim Dirk had so far. Hozan is of Kurdish decent and lives already a long time in Denmark. He got his barber training when he was still in the middle-east and that is a guarantee for excellent craftsmanship.


Lunch at the Aarhus Street Food Market

Located in an old bus terminal and open every day of the week, the Aarhus street food market has more than 30 bars and kitchens with street food from all over the world. So if you are in a group and you all want to have something totally different to eat or drink, this is the place to go. With seating area in and outside, it is a charming place to go all year around.

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