Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we receive frequently via Instagram 

Please provide some info about your bicycles


How do you secure your bikes

No lock can withstand the professional thief but we try to adhere to the basic rules, being attaching the lock correctly (sufficiently documented already on many websites and Youtube channels) and choosing the wright place to park your bike.

This last one is probably the most difficult as you do not always know the local circumstances.

When the bikes are in sight or we are just briefly away on a well known place (like our local supermarket), we would only lock up with a frame lock or the tex-lock U-lock. We want to avoid that someone jumps on the bike and speeds away (while waving at us).

For longer periods, we will always use 2 locks per bike. This certainly prolongs the time a thief needs to steel your bike and we hope that in this case, there are enough "easier to steel" bikes in the neighbourhood.

How to avoid speed wobble when attaching luggage to the Lauf fork ?

The only way we found for entirely eliminating the wobble is not attaching anything to the fork. We were able to reduce the wobble dramatically by positioning the holdall cages frontally (not on the side, to reduce effect of wind) and to reduce the total weight of a loaded cage to just below 1 kg.  Also, try to have approx same weight for both cages. 

This way, we only get wobble when not holding the handlebar with both hands or when going really fast.


What type of clothing are you taking on your trips

What brand is :

Our Rain overall for the eBikes : Raijn by tex-lock

Linda's yellow goretex jacket : Arc'terix

Linda's green striped merino base layer : Findra

Dirk's flannel shirt (as worn by Linda) : Patagonia

Which cameras and programs are you using for your photos and videos

Feel free to send us an email if you cannot find what you were looking for.