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Great Britain


Walk the white cliffs of Dover

If you are taking the ferry to or from Dover, it's worthwhile to spare a few hours to walk the path towards the lighthouse.

Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills fabric shop, Rye

Linda likes to make her own slow fashion clothing and while she has always been knitting and crocheting, she recently also took up her past hobby of sewing.

Looking for nice fabrics and patterns on the internet, she stumbled on the website of Merchant & Mills in the UK.

When you buy in their shop in Rye, no additional import duties are taken when returning to Europe Economic zone if you stay below 340 euro per person.

Read what inspired Linda on their website


Grab a coffee at Flushed, Hastings Fishing port

Towards the end of the old fishing port, there is this little wooden house with lots of antiques, vintage and lovely things.

It's nestled against the cliffs of the old town and while we did not expect this, the coffee is made the barista way.


Breakfast at Hanushka coffee house, Hastings

Hanushka coffee house, the perfect place for healthy breakfast, nice coffee or tea, and of course also all the less healthy but so delicious cakes. They have 2 outlets, both in Hastings and they even let you in and serve you before official opening hours. Not sure how they managed to get all these books but it's surely impressive.

White House

Lunch at the White House, Rye