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Far, far away

Updated: Sep 20

There's a lot on our plate for the coming months.

Linda's niece was checking with us a few months ago if we would not like to join on a trip to Singapore as this is where Dirk used to live for about 15 years. We said yes and decided that we could take this as an opportunity to continue the trip to Australia, Singapore being already halfway.

It will feel strange after so many years of avoiding airplanes

When we started dating, the park at the marina bay (behind Linda's back) was still a garden with huge statues of Chinese gods. Now, it's where you cannot miss the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino.

Dirk will first spend some time in Malaysia where he will go to a Vipassana meditation in Kuantan.

The time Dirk was living in Kuala Lumpur, the grounds of the old horse racecourse was prepared for building the Petronas Towers.

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