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It's working.

The E-bikes are the perfect addition to our Challenge 2021 with even an unexpected benefit. While we still use our pushbikes for the normal shopping, we're also cycling a lot more than before.

My mother has broken her hip and is in revalidation. Once a week, we are allowed to visit and instead of going to Antwerp by car, we now took the E-bikes.

Reward 1 : Chips from the most well known Fritkot in Antwerp, Frituur Number 1

Reward 2 : Although we were eating chips, having coffee with cakes and licking ice creams, my bodyweight dropt for the first time under 83 kg for the last 25 years.

Thank you E-bike for making me move even more.

One minor glitch - we had unexpected visitors and decided to quickly get some pizza's from the local pizzaria. Easy, just call and pick them up 30 minutes later. That's where it went wrong.

3 minutes before pick-up time, I realised that riding a bicycle with 6 pizzas in one hand would be too much of a challenge. Only safe solution left was jumping in the car.

It will not happen again. Added some spanners and eyelets to our Flatbed crate so that it's now the perfect Pizza cart.

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