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Merchant & Mills - shopping trip by bike

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Linda likes to make her own slow fashion clothing and while she has always been knitting and crocheting, she recently also took up her past hobby of sewing.

Looking for nice fabrics and patterns on the internet, she stumbled on the website of Merchant & Mills in the UK. While they have a webshop and also ship to Belgium, it was always on her mind to first visit their shop in Rye whenever we could combine it with a cycle trip in the UK.

Last week, we were on short 4 day bicycle trip in Belgium and we came back by train. Looking at some other possibilities by train, I saw an advert of a ferry service and checked out how much it would cost us to take a ferry to the UK. Turned out that the return Ferry trip between Dunkirk and Dover was only 50 euros for the 2 of us and the bicycles. Plans for a shopping trip to Merchant & Mills were quickly made and we'll combine it with visiting Brighton.

And yes, It's going to be with the holiday bikes, those with all the panniers ......

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