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Next step

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

It's some time ago that we reported on our 2021 challenge. This is simply because it all goes smoothly and there is not much new to tell. We seem to survive the temptations of our renewed liberty now that Corona regulations are relaxing.

We're still at an average of 4 to 5 times a month that we use the car for running errands for or with our mothers and for the longer distance trips.

We have also driven to Denmark where we have cycled around the country following the coast line.

After 6 months of "Challenge", we are now pretty sure that it will be no problem to get rid of our family car when we find the right van to convert to a campervan.

We have now started renting some campervans to find out what best fits our desired camper lifestyle. We started with a fully equipped standard campervan and also tried a more basic adventure van which was converted to a campervan by a surfer.

We probably still have a few vans to go but already decided that we like the shorter version of 5.40 meters so that we can park in a standard parking space.

And yes, the views from inside the van can be fantastic.

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