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Updated: Sep 20

It's that time again to go for a 10day meditation period.

When Dirk's dad was aout 80, he started loosing some of his eyesight and it became difficult to read, watch tv or do his favorite pastime, crosswords.

Slowly he started being less happy and finally, he became a grumpy (old) man.

Dirk realised that he has the same genes and that the main reason for his dad's mental change was the absence of new things, new challenges.

Like with most older people, the past kept coming back and his subconscious mind took over his thinking.

He realised that in order to stay happy at a later age, it would be beneficial to understand the technique of mastering your mind.

In the modern world, this is what people call mindfulness.

The origin of this technique was in fact already practiced by Gotama Buddha and the original technique is practiced worldwide as Vipassana meditation.

Dirk tries to go on a 10 day meditation every other 2 years. (with exception of the Corona period). This time again at Dhamma Malaysia in Kuantan, Malaysia

For more info on Vipassana meditation, go to

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