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Yes, the E-bikes have arrived

Last week, we picked them up on a deserted parking at the Belgium/Netherlands border. We were at that time not allowed yet to cross the border and while we did nothing illegal, it still was feeling like a secret transaction.

These are the bikes which should over time allow us to reduce our need for a family car.

While we only have them a week now, I must say that it has already drastically changed our opinion about people with E-bikes.

When we were touring with our trekking or mountainbikes, we always thought that riding E-bikes were the lazy way of cycling. We did not really realise that the different settings on these E-bikes could make the effort as challenging as with normal bikes .

The pendix app provides 6 different settings allowing you to decide on a combination of torque (max 65 nm) and max speed (max 25 kmh) that the motor will assist your own effort. Obviously, the distance you can cover with 1 battery depends a lot on how much support you are asking the motor to provide.

We're now trying out a few combinations to suit different types of situations.

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