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Nature walks around Ainsa, Aragon

Ainsa is a small city in the north of Spain, located near some of the best national nature parks of the Pyrenees. We were there a few years ago in September, when most tourism is slowly reducing and you feel as you are totally alone in these immense mountains. Most photo's above are from the Anisclo canyon, a signposted walk path just a few km's away.

Tip : something totally different, the best restaurant we have ever been to is in Ainsa, It's more expensive as it has a Michelin star but the price is really worth it. Have a look at It's enormously popular so reservations a few weeks ahead are usually necessary.


La Fabrica - cycle cafe, Girona

La Fabrica - cycle cafe is a trendy lunch place run by Christian and Amber Meier. Years ago, they moved to Girona because of Christians professional cycle career. They specialise in house roasted coffee, healthy food and also opened another coffee and cake place a few streets away, named  "Espresso Mafia".

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