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2023 Campspace - Canvascamp tour

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The trip

Just like last year, we were contacted by Campspace to see if we would enjoy doing a few scouting jobs for them. This time, it was initiated by Canvascamp who discovered our Canvascamp Sibley tent on Linda's instagram. We bought this tent about 6 years ago and are using it at least once a year.

They had just delivered tents to some Campspaces and were urgently in need of pictures, so this seemed again a good match. We agreed that we would do this in combination with a bicycle tour starting and ending at a trainstation.

Video on DILISTUFF YouTube channel 

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We started the trip at the trainstation of Turnhout and we have been using  bicycle junctions to create our route. There are a few free apps which you can download to create the route and we have used the "Fietsknoop" app.

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Campspace "Buitenhuis", Ravels

Buitenhuis, Ravels

Bicycle junctions from train station Turnhout to Campspace Buitenhuis Talander (+- 25 km)

45 - 46 - 62 - 61 - 11 - 20 - 22 - 55 - (57)

Talander is a non-profit organisation providing work and housing for people with a mental disorder. The "Buitenhuis" is a small satellite house of the organisation where 1 social worker lives and takes care of 3 resident guests.

During the day, they work at Talander and at the weekend they will go back to their maternal home.

The "buitenhuis"team, Sven, Louise, Erwin and Toon.

Good to know : Hang a stone flowerpot upside down, filled with straw, on to the tree trunk of your fruittrees.

Over time, Earwigs will move in to your flowerpot and ... they will eat all the aphids or greenflies that nestle in your fruittree.

You can also order breakfast for the next day. It comes with an omelette from the resident chicken, apple juice from the apple trees in the garden, jam from locally harvested fruits and honey from the bees having their home in the same garden.

Little bridges walk
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Neighbourhood activities

Leaving the Campspace's garden, you are immediately in the Ravels regional forest on the "Bruggeskeswandeling"(Little bridges walk). It's a nice walk of around 10 km via narrow winding sandy paths, forest and heathland. The entire track is signposted with a red triangle sign.

More than 20 wooden bridges help you cross the many ditches.