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Some of our stuff

We have been together since 2003 and have been camping ever since.

First travelling by motorbike and as from 2009, mostly by bicycle.

Technology never stops and this also results in new and more relevant products becoming available.

But, there are some exceptions.

For this overview, there was only one simple criteria :

"If the product breaks down or gets lost, we will without any hesitation replace it with exactly the same or the updated version of the same."

We are not doing detailed reviews as there is already enough of it on many websites and social media.


Unfortunately, also a growing number of wannabees, copycats, bullshit artists and opportunists are promoting products and services on these media, thereby not making it easier to make up your mind.

Our simple suggestion is not to ask others what products to buy, but ask what is important in making their choice. From this feedback you can make up your own requirements and try to stick to it when making a decision.

The below is as such our preference only and may not be the ideal choice for you.

Links to other websites in the menu are as such for your convenience only.

If you need more info on anything specific, feel free to send us an email.

Cycling stuff

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Travelmaster 2.9

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Adventure Lite

Favicon warm.jpg


Foldable bike

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Burley Flatbed Cargo Trailer

Favicon warm.jpg

tex-lock locks

Favicon warm.jpg

Fixplus+ straps

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Ram mounts

Camping stuff

Favicon warm.jpg


Nallo 3 GT

used for

bike touring

3.20 kg

Favicon warm.jpg

Big Agnes

Copper Spur

HV UL3 Bikepack

used for


2.25 kg

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Cold weather

Mattress : Thermarest NeoAir - All season

Sleeping bag : Cumulus Down Teneqa 700

Inner liner : Sea to Summit, thermoline reactor extreme

Pillow : Exped airpillow

total weight : 2.2 kg


Warmer weather

Mattress : Thermarest NeoAir - Uberlight

Sleeping bag : Cumulus Down Lite 300

Inner liner : Sea to Summit, Silk Traveller, rectangular

Pillow : Exped airpillow Ultra light

total weight : 1.2 kg

Favicon warm.jpg

Hario smart grinder - SeaToSummit Ultralight kitchen sink - Bo-camp explorer pot - Aeropress coffee brewer

MSR PocketRocket burner - Stanley Classic Legendary bottle 75cl

Favicon warm.jpg


Toiletry bag

(34 gr)

soap bags

(11 gr)



Airlite towel XL

(72 gr)

Favicon warm.jpg

Other stuff

Leofoto MBH-19 Tripod with

Leofoto DC-50 Arca clamp

(330 gr)


Carbon Fiber Travel tripod

(1300 gr)

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Matador & Osprey

Foldable Backpacks and Hippacks

Favicon warm.jpg

Leatherman - Charge


Pocket knife

This one is + 80 years old.

Favicon warm.jpg

Merino shirts

Any sustainable brand.

These ones made by Linda

(The walking sticks belonged to Georges & Germaine, Dirk's grand parents)

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