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Wales and England

After our tour around Ireland, we decided to cycle back home via Wales and England.

With the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead, where we followed the Eurovelo 2 (Capitals route) to London and then switched to the Eurovelo 12 (North Sea cycle route) up to Canterbury.

From Dover, we took the ferry to Dunkirk.

Video on DILISTUFF YouTube channel 

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Walk the white cliffs of Dover

If you are taking the ferry to or from Dover, it's worthwhile to spare a few hours to walk the path towards the lighthouse.


Bank holidays in the UK, same story as for Ireland, all hotels fully booked months in advance.

On this track, Wales, Snowdonia area, has some very steep roads. Once you are in England, it's all flat.

When you are on a ferry, you will come in to international waters as soon as you leave the harbour. At that time, your phone will automatically start roaming at an incredibly expensive tariff, so just remember to switch off your roaming as soon as you board a ship (even if it is just between 2 European countries)

Worth staying a little bit longer : Bristol, Bath & London

(Photographic impressions and tips via Menu)

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