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About us

Let's say we are a mature couple.

Dirk is from 1956, Linda is 10 years younger.

We know each other since the late 80's and we are together since the early 00's.


Linda likes photography, cycling, knitting and healthy food.

Dirk likes music, cycling and has no other option but to eat healthy food.

We love the moderate adventure. That means that we do not mind some effort but we also do not mind some luxury from time to time. 

We do not really plan our trips in detail, we know what direction we want to go and the rest comes by itself.

Cycle Holidays

Our cycling holidays are mostly in Europe as we try to reduce going on a holiday by plane.


When we started tour biking, we had a strict time schedule whereby lodgings were prebooked, return transport was arranged, and our main goal was to reach a certain destination by bicycle.

We found out that this was not ideal for us.

Now, we only plan what the possible end destination is and what route to follow.

We stop whenever we see a beautiful spot, we stop whenever we meet interesting people to talk to, we do not mind how much kilometers we are doing, 20 km is as good as 80km. If someone recommends to deviate from our plans, we just might do this. 

We only decide on where we will stop for the day sometime in the afternoon. If we know that we do not want to cycle a lot next day, we might book a place the night before. Last minute lodging can be more expensive but can also be cheaper, like pitching your tent in someones garden.

If we are getting short on time, we bridge some of the distance by train or bus.

Of course, our way will not fit everyone, it just depends on what kind of person you are.

The blue and red lines are the trips which we have been doing for the last 10 years.

The yellow lines are the ones which are on our "to do" shortlist

The line in Sweden, Norway and the UK is the continuation of the NSCR (North Sea cycle route)

The line from Prague to Istanbul is mainly the Sultans Route.

Reviews and Links to other websites

We are not doing any type of advertisement or reviews on gear, places or experiences  as we are of the opinion that there is already an abundance of comments by others and more specialised websites.

If we are not happy with something, we will just not allocate it a space on this website.

Links to other websites are for your convenience only.

Our social media

During our first cycle holiday in 2009, we kept our family and friends in the loop by regular emails with short stories and photos of our trip. After awhile, this felt for us like stalking and the following trip, we switched to a blog page.

Unfortunately, writing blogstories is not our strength and took a lot of our time.

Searching for a more suitable solution, Linda switched to Instagram and what started as something for family and friends slowly got a bigger audience.

  • Instagram

Photos on instagram account @lindadevisch

  • Instagram

Portrait videos on instagram account @dilisnippets

  • Instagram

Landscape videos on instagram account @dirkdemarelle

  • YouTube

Landscape videos for an entire trip on the dilistuff  YouTube channel


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