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Girona to Granada


In 2018, we decided to do our first 3000 km trip to the south of Spain. As we cannot be away from home for several months in 1 go, we have done the trip in 2 parts. First part from home to Girona in June, second part in October from Girona to Malaga.

This way you also avoid the hottest months in the south.

Our route From Girona to Granada followed the route by Paul Benjaminse "cycling to Andalusia", going to Malaga (

We usually also buy the paper route books to support the authors.

Video on DILISTUFF YouTube channel 

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To avoid the hot days, we did this part of the trip in October. Downside is that many hotels are already closed but our experience is that they just open up for you. Even dinner is not a problem in most places.

You are in Spain, so remember that dinner is always rather late and you would typically have lunch around 2pm.

Worth staying a little bit longer: Albarracin, Cuenca, Cazorla & Granada

(Photographic impressions and tips via Menu)

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