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Campspace Roadtrip


Sometime in 2021, we were contacted by who suggested that we applied to become a Campspace scout. The program is available to everyone and scouts can book one night for free in new locations in exchange for photos. We applied, got accepted and we forgot all about it.

In may 2022, we were looking for a place to put our tent, found a spot on Campspace, paid for it and published photos of our stay on Instagram. That's how Campspace discovered us a second time.

They were trying to find someone who would be willing, on short notice,  to go on  a road trip to scout some new places. The would arrange that we had a caravan for 3 weeks. We just said yes.

Video on DILISTUFF YouTube channel 

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Our travel compagnon : The Lume Traveler LT360

Lume Traveler

Lume is a dutch company currently making 3 models of their Lume traveller.

We were on the road with their smallest model, the LT360. They also have 2 larger versions.

The Lume traveller LT 360 has a fantastic open air kitchen which you will not easily find in any other type of caravan or camper.  The new model comes with zip on side awnings, allowing you to use the kitchen as easily with bad weather.

We had really good weather during our trip and enjoyed sleeping under the stars. 

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Day 1: 50 km - Ellezelles, Hainaut, Belgium
Campspace : Monastery domain, La Devine Providence, by Maya and Lieven


The campsite is a beautiful domain of a former monastery domain. In the building, you will find the former common areas of the monastery school where private toilets and showers are allocated per camping spot.

For those who do not have their own tent of camper, a Pipo wagon with private garden is also available.


Lieven's speciality is the creation and maintenance of natural gardens. The spacious pitches and natural environment provide lots of privacy.

Neighbourhood activities



A cycle track of 27 km "Between Hills and Water Mills" runs via the domain. You can download the gps track by googling "Tussen bergen en molens"

As we were only here for one night and did not have enough time to cycle this, it  just means we'll have to come back one day.

About 1 km from the campsite, there is a biofarm where you can buy the best bread ever. 

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East Flanders

Day 2: 45 km - Zulte, East Flanders, Belgium
Campspace : Camping near the river Leie, by Sara and Xavier

Xavier and Sara are living in an old industrial building and to make sure they kept the view from their home untouched, they bought the old football field next to their property when it became for sale.

The toilet is next to the old referee cabin and on their to do list is the further renovation of the changing rooms.

We parked our caravan on the field in between their home and the football field.

If you like to cook on an open fire, a fire bowl is readily available.

Neighbourhood activities

Visit PurFruit, a fruit self-picking garden just a few minutes away by bicycle.

You can check on their website which fruits are ready for the harvest.(

Not to be missed : There is also a small cafetaria where you can eat the best homemade fruit tarts.