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Eat & Drink



Few years ago, we were on a Yoga and Raw Chocolate retreat. Linda's interest went to the Yoga, Dirk's to the chocolate.


1 cup cacao butter, 1 cup cacao powder, 1/2 cup healthy sweetener (eg dade sirop) 1/8 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt.


Slowly melt the cacao butter (au bain-marie), add the vanilla + salt and stir, add the sweetener and stir again, while stirring, add the cacao powder. Let the chocolate temperature go up and down few times between 28 degrees and 37 degrees (I do at least 3 full circles), put in moulds. Let cool down in the fridge.


Sourdough bread

The artisan bread - no yeast or any additives, just flour and water. Of course, you need to have a live fermented culture to start with. This is also something you can make yourself and there is really a lot of info on the internet about it. The trick is that you need to keep on trying.

Almond Cow

Plant based milk

Almonds, Oats, Coconut. Soy ,.... -  Most of our plant based drinks do not come from the shop anymore. Instead, we buy the raw ingredients and we make the drink ourselves. We recently got an "Almond Cow" which is doing most of this for us in just a few minutes. 

Our recipe for Almond milk :

- soak 1/2 cup almonds (+- 90 grams) for 4 hours

- drain almonds and put them in the filter basket, add 15 ml of Agave strop, pinch of salt and water.

- let the machine do it's job (3 automated runs in just a few minutes)

- Poor  in bottle and keep cool in the fridge

Cost of the selfmade bio almond milk is about 60 % of a comparable retail product.

Ginger Apero

DiLi's Ginger Apero

For some time, we were trying to find a good non-sweet, non-alcoholic apero and we bumped in to 1 of the many new ginger drinks. Tasting it, we liked it but we still found it a little bit too sweet and decided to brew our own.

The ingredients of our brew are:

- 1/5 fresh ginger juice. We use a slow juicer to get the juice.

- 1/5 fresh lemon juice

- 1/5 bio agave sirop

- 2/5 strong lemongrass / juniper tea

  Brew the tea for 30 minutes with 6 gr of lemongrass, 10 crushed juniper berries and 25cl hot water.

To serve, put ice cubes in a glass, poor in 5-7 cl of the brew and top up with sparkling water.

When it's cold outside, just add hot water instead of the ice cubes and the sparkling water.

We usually make more ginger juice to add to the apple juice we buy in the bio store. Also delicious.

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