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Suspension lights

Suspension lights

When we build our house, we installed some led suspension lights above our home-office desks. They gave up on us sometime earlier this year and we just recuperated the RVS wires on which the Led lights were hanging.

Thanks to Covid-19, we had the time to figure out what else we still had lying around to make our own suspension light.

We used a leftover pine SLS, some cheap fittings and an electric wire which I had for at least 20 years.

The only thing we had to buy were the lamps.

To give the pine SLS an older look, we treated it with vinager in which we soaked steel wool for 3 days. The final colour darkens every day and the end result depends on the type of wood used and the quantity of steel wool versus vinegar, so it's best to test on a daily basis on a spare piece of wood (see photo).


Fire basket

When we saw the old drum of a washing machine in our sons garden, we first thought this was something for the rubbish but they told us it served as a fire basket. When our old washing machine broke down, we also recuperated the metal drum and look what a great fire basket it is. The foot of the fire basket is the part of the drum on which the rubber belt sits, taken off and screwed on again upside down.


Coffee table, stool, side table

On one of our trips, we were in a cafe where they had made their own stools exactly this way. We use it wherever we need more seats or low tables. Just a beer crate on which you put a removable wooden top. Need a higher stool, just use 2 crates.


Scaffolding Pipes

Scaffolding pipes are so easy to create something nice, you only need a pipe cutter or an angle grinder. The different connectors allow you to really customise it your way. Some of the things we made include a photo display panel, a standing lamp and even an entire structure for an awning.

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