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Campspace Roadtrip - week 2

Normandy 2
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DAY 7: 180 km - Saint Martin des Besaces
Normandy, France
Campspace : Sous les Etoiles, by Dawn and Steve

By far, the best and most complete campsite we've been on this trip. Plots of different sizes depending your wishes, different amperage strengths, perfect wifi on the entire camping. On top of it, during the high season, a bar and restaurant which also serves vegetarian dishes. All this combined with tranquility in a 5 hectares rural park. 

When cycling and camping around Europe, you get used to shower cabins with only one hook to hang your clothes and no place to keep your shoes dry when showering.

It seems Dawn and Steve have had the same experiences as they have managed to think about nearly everything to make it perfect.


Neighbourhood activities

Not too far away from the campsite, there is an activity center at the Viaduct de la Souleuvre where you can do bungee jumping, giant swing and other crazy things. Luckily for us, it was all closed so we even did not have to contemplate what to do or not to do.

After this first week of touring, we enjoyed staying on the campsite and even had the luck of a private demonstration horsemanship by a staff member of the restaurant.

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Day 9: 180 km - Pommeret
Brittany, France
Campspace : Key to the fields, by Karine and Bruno

Brittany 1

Our most favourite Campspace from this trip. May look strange as it comes standard without toilet, without shower, without drinking water and without electricity. 

Karine is an absolute adorable person. We first did not find the place and she came to pick us up somewhere down the road. Upon arrival, she made us immediately feel very welcome. She provided extra beach chairs, suggested that we picked cherries from their cherry tree, rolled out an electricity extension cable so we could keep the fridge running, provided info on where to get the best pastries, where to have dinner, where to have nice walks, etc...

Bruno and Karine are obviously doing this for fun and are enjoying the company of people.

As we mentioned in our 2021 Challenge blog, it's our intention to replace our family car over time with a light commercial vehicle and convert it to a campervan.

On the Dusseldorf Caravan fair, we discovered the Trelino dry toilet which is the perfect alternative for chemical portable toilets. We decided to buy one and use it when on holiday with the big tent.

As the Lume Traveler LT360 also does not have a toilet, this was the perfect occasion to give it a first try.

Oh yes, there was nobody around.

Neighbourhood activities

Drive or cycle to Les Rosaires and hike part of the GR 34. We did the part to the Pointe Du Rosieres which further continues to Saint-Brieuc (12km). On the other side, you are walking the GR34 up to Port de Binic (9.5km)