Campspace Roadtrip

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Day 15: 200 km - Passais Villages
Normandy, France
Campspace : The country shack glamping, by Mike and Patricia

Mike and Patricia have converted their previous horse prairie in to a spacious Campspace. They provide different interesting types of accommodation, from a clamping tent to a bow top wagon or Pod and Mike will soon be converting the above bus as an extra lodging possibility.

Every accommodation has their private ecologic toilet and a picnic basket with crockery and there is a shared kitchen and bathroom trailer.

We've only spend 1 night at the country shack clamping so we did not do any sightseeing in the neighbourhood.

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Day 17: 210 km - Annouville-Vilmesnil
Normandy, France
Campspace : Equestrian farm, by Marie

If you are passionned about horses, this is the place to be.

This is a very large equestrian farm with lots of space to park your camper or put your tent, next to the horses.

Neighbourhood activities

The farm is very close to the well known commune of Etretat with its chalk cliffs and natural arches. As we had been there already a few times, we just cycled to Fecamp, the closest place at the beach.

Leaving Decamps, via the "Rue de la Place 33", we discovered L'atelier Via Chicot, where Cecile is making and displaying her Papier Mache artwork.

The building is an old fish-smoking factory and we suppose the Rue de la Place, now 2 streets away from the sea previously used to be at the beach.

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Day 19: 220 km - Vraignes en Vermandois
Hauts-de-France, France
Campspace :  Camping des Hortensias, by Margot

Margot's grandmother started this camping many years ago just behind their farm.  There are 15 large pitches in a nice setting and ample sanitary facilities. You are in the valley of the Somme with lots of places to visit.

We only stayed 1 night, in between 2 days that we had to drive more than 200 km each day.

As such, unfortunately no sightseeing.


We have 2 good reasons to go back to Camping Des Hortensias,

firstly because Margot is such a friendly person,

secondly, to visit Peronne which seems certainly worth a visit.

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Day 20: 260 km - Bertognes
Luxembourg, Belgium
Campspace :  Nature and Relaxation, by Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc is opening up his garden for maximum 2 campers. He also has an additional location in the middle of the woods where says you can spot different wildlife when you get up early in the morning. Just behind his garden, he's growing Christmas trees to earn some extra money and to keep busy.

Neighbourhood activities

We were running towards the end of the road trip and in need of some rest. Also, our dutch Santos friends Marja and Benni were on the way back from their holiday and stayed overnight.

The area around Bertogne is one of the most beautiful spots in the Belgian ardennes.

Lots of MTB tracks in the neighbourhood and neighbouring villages like Bastogne, Houffalize, La Roche-en-Ardenne, etc..

For the hikers, there is also a wealth of hiking paths. One of the hikes we recommend is the 14 km around the Lake of Nisramont in the "Deux Ourthes Natural Parc". The 106 km Escapardenne-Eislek trail from La Roche-en-Ardenne to Kautenbach near Clervaux also passes this area.

Photo's from the Nisramont walk are from a few years ago.

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Day 22: 95 km - Malonne
Namur, Belgium
Campspace :  At the Calenges, by Denis


Last stop on our Campspace road trip was in Malonne, just a few km away from the city of Namur. Denis just accepts 1 camper and he provides electricity and water. You need to have your own sanitary facilities.

First time we played Molkky, a Finnish trowing game which exists already more than 25 years.

Neighbourhood activities

Last day of the vacation, so a nice lunch at "Attablez Vous" in Namur was appreciated.

Afterwards a visit of the city, strangely enough also a place we never visited before while it's just an hour driving from home.

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